I am a published author who has put off the day when I built my own little corner of the internet. That time is at hand. The name Monkey Tribe comes from the observation that humans often behave in ways that are like animals, even though most humans consider themselves to be superior to animals. When groupthink takes over and all kinds of people go running toward a plainly bad decision together or acting like a bunch of wild animals, I call that a Monkey Tribe.

If you would like to read a site that is 100% real talk and made up of opinions that don’t match what everyone else is saying, welcome. I will be discussing politics, social trends, news stories, human nature, discussing the things ‘stoopid’ people do, and sharing my general observations on life. My views represent the antithesis of political correctness. I am also an equal opportunity offender. So don’t take it personally– any topic is fair game. So, sit down, grab a drink, and let’s get real. You have been warned.


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