Trump for President

I love his immigration policy. And he is free to deport every last Juan or every last one. Either way, I am good. b3


Declining Middle Class

This has been a problem since the 1970’s and continues to become a larger problem each decade. In the 1960’s, middle class homes made up about 61% of the population. Right now, the middle class is teetering at about 50%. We know that countries that are decent to live in have strong middle classes. No one wins in countries that have a small to no middle class and abounding lower classes.

Gee, when you remove all of the manufacturing jobs and send them overseas, this happens. When you outsource information technology jobs, this happens. When you keep graduating kids with worthless degrees, this happens. So why are we surprised?

The problem is, I see this trend becoming worse if we elect team Hillary.

Even though I have not given my email to the Hillary for America, yesterday, I got an email from Hillary with a subject line that read: “I am a proud Muslim!” What you talkin’ about Willis?!  I clicked into it and was actually an email from Hillary’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin.

She was upset that Donald Trump was accusing her people as being less than peaceable. In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, I would say that Huma has a lot of lady balls. I also think it is a great insult to us as Americans.

I was watching an interesting video by Sid Roth the other say and something struck me as interesting. Sid was interviewing a Muslim man from a very well-know lineage who had become a Christian after a harrowing physical illness and near death experience. The man said that in Christianity, Christians have a God (Jesus) who died for their sins so that they might have eternal life. He contrasted this with Islam and said that in Islam, the highest honor that can be done is to die for God. (Jihad) I had never thought of it this way, but his point is so poignant. Islam is not a peaceable religion.

So, when Huma says she is a proud Muslim. I say deport her. She won’t be missed, even by her Jewish husband who doesn’t know how to keep his wiener in his pants.

Welcome to my sitting room, please make yourself comfortable.

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